Thursday, 28 September 2017

Sculpture Reflection

Arts sculpture reflection

This is my reflection of my time creating a found object piece of art so I hope you like it!

I created a robot made out of tin cans, yoghurt pottles, cardboard, and finally popsicle sticks, one struggle for me was putting lots of time and effort in, this is because I spent too much time writing my plan and see think wonder ending in a result of me not being able to complete this project as fast as I'd liked to, also this is a picture of what my project ended up looking like.

My inspiration is the photo below this paragraph, I had to make my robot look a bit different because of the supply shortage, this teaches me that you need adapt to a new plan so if you make a mistake you can quickly solve the mistake and move on so time management won't be a problem.

Something that went well was my quality level, this is because I think I really stepped up in this project and showed my teachers how quality I can make my work because I worked hard and had little time mucking around, another thing that went well was my focusing challenge, at the start of the project making stage I challenged myself by saying that I would not get distracted by anybody, I completed the challenge and I think I've really stepped up a level on focusing and concentrating on the task, this is very good because it means I've learnt to concentrate well and not get distracted when I need to focus.

Next time I do an activity similar to this I want to change my time management because I didn't make as much progress as I wanted to so  that means I need to concentrate on my time management key competency, one more thing that I would like to change for the next time I do this activity is to work with somebody new, I am saying this because it's great to make new friends and learn new things about your partner and also it's great to just have a change!

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