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Week 2

Art Gallery

The bus let out a short sharp hiss, my forehead bulging with sweat, my stomach whirling around and around like the bus’s worn out wheels, it was a nice peaceful day as the birds chirped their unique and repetitive song as they flew in the sunny warm breeze, as the bus stormed along the rackety and uneven road the whole bus was filled with excitement and laughter, all except for me, I was on my way with my classroom to the Art Gallery, I was so despondent and blue because I kept receiving all these gloomy and scary thoughts like “what if I get left behind?” Or “what if I walk too slowly and lose my group?”  These thoughts kept flowing into my head, and even worse all the way on the bus to the Art Gallery my neighbour piled sentence after sentence of her long yet boring story onto me, when the bus let out another short sharp hiss to signal that we had stopped, I suddenly jerked up my head and found that half of my classroom had already vanished outside and were gathering into their groups , I jumped up and shuffled to the door as it took for what felt like forever for the rest of my class to make their way to the end of the long spooky corridor-like bus, when I finally managed to escape the drought of air and freshness I peered around the gigantic crowd of students and adults to see if I could find my group of kids, I then finally saw a bright pink ragged jacket jumping up and down, I was sure that one of the kids in my group had a bright pink ragged jacket so I ran over to them and we waited and waited and waited and you guessed, waited, for what felt like forever (but it was probably only five minutes) until finally the grand glass doors that separated me and my class from the almighty art gallery slowly drifted open, as the mighty doors slowly opened I heard the most horrible noise that nearly split my ears apart, it was the doors creaking because of their rusty and old aged hinges, when the creaking finally stopped me and my classroom submerged into a line so long that the kids at the back had to step into the gorgeous and merry garden, when everybody had managed to get through the door me and my group started walking upstairs to a exquisite room that made me feel like I was in one of a castles dreary yet colour-filled room, in the cosy and charming room filled with several paintings of many different kinds of textures and colour there was one painting that appealed to me more than any other painting in that room, I stood right in front of the painting and stayed rooted to my spot while I looked at the weird yet intriguing painting full of delicate and pulchritudinous farms  and peaceful people living their daily lives on the farm, when me and my group found our way to the next room we all stopped and glared at a humongous canvas, but with only a tiny little pin in the centre of it, all of my group were overwhelmed about this piece of art, we thought of every single possibility of what the art could be but nobody could apprehend of what it could be until one small pretty little girl who was wearing maroon coloured long pants and a ocean blue coat said “I know!, the shadow of the pin looks like a bee!” Then it was madness, all the kids pushed and shoved each other to get one glimpse of the pin until my group of kid’s parent helper said “enough!” Then all went deadly silent, the parent helper was so astounded at the expeditious change of volume that she staggered her way to the next room, when we arrived at the next room we found that the walls were painted several different colours there was yellow, blue, red, green and even orange! And they all played a different part of keeping the wall nice and filled with colour and enjoyment, then we found a window that led out to a humongous building, I was pretty sure it was a voting/election type of building but when I took a closer look I saw an amazing water feature that went down the middle of the pathway to the doors, there was a Maori tiki pole (sorry I can't remember what they're called) that was being surround by a flowing river, and it was so gorgeous that my whole group all made a separate comment that made out that the water feature actually represented some sort of welcoming, when we made our way out of the room my group parent said “that's it everybody,” what! It can’t be over I said, but the parent helper just said to everybody “let’s go guys let’s meet back at the downstairs sitting area with the others” so off I gloomily trotted down the stunning marble stairs and then plonked myself on the floor and ate my morning tea, I thought that the trip was going to be WAY longer and I wish that I could write a bit more on my astounding trip to the art gallery but that was it so thank you for reading my trip to the art gallery!

Capturing The Heart Of Waimairi School

Throughout the term me and my class have been working on how to capture the heart of Waimairi School, to do this we thought of places around the school that made Waimairi School the great school it is today, we thought of many different ways to capture a moment in time that captured the heart of Waimairi school, we thought that taking photos of the places and people that make Waimairi School a great place to go to was a great idea so we all set off on our own and took multiple photos of what we though was the heart of Waimairi School, some people took photos of the Esol building, some people took photos of children working hard in their classrooms, but I decided to take photos of kids playing on the field, these are the photos I took.

I chose to take photos of this because I think that the field gives everybody happiness because it lets you have a whole lot of fun and laughter on it, I also chose this because I think that the field is the best place to have fun on.
Week 6

Calendar Art

This week I made my calendar art, I made it by cutting out strips of coloured paper and then glueing them sideways on a piece of paper, to do this I had to be certain that I had the correct amount of strips on the piece of paper because if I didn’t then I would have to either spend even more time making another smaller strip or cutting off the big strip, also I used my thinker key competency and I thought of a way to make the person that is looking at my calendar art more intrigued by it and more fascinated and not them seeing it and saying “oh, just another boring piece of paper” by introducing a more colourful addition to my calendar art, I did this by cutting out different colour hearts and then glueing them onto the piece of paper, I had to apply a lot of carefulness to this because I had to make sure I made a certain amount of space between the hearts.

Dance And Music

During term 3 me and my class have split up into groups to go to dance or drama or music, I went to dance and music, for dance we had to create a dance including three different types of popular dances in a group of two/three, for music we had to search the classroom for materials or objects that we could us to make a sound or rhythm with a group of five/six.

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