Sunday, 19 November 2017

Hide And Seek Experience

We sprinted our way to the back of the classroom, as we heavily breathed while searching for a remotely good place to hide, I had a little light bulb switch on inside my brain, I said “we could hide in the bush!” And then I hit myself on the head and said “darn it I accidentally gave out my hiding place to all the other people!” But yet I still crawled into the dark and dirty bush. When I found my way to the back of the bush I suddenly realised that I was surrounded by the prickly branches, ready to pounce and scratch me for their personal satisfaction. As I cut out the image of me getting cut and screaming and then getting found and then making a fool of myself in front of my whole classroom (I do admit there is a bit of exaggeration there) I listened to the eerie silence that surrounded me and I thought to myself “Why not peek above the bush, it won’t cause any harm.” So as my mind and gut finished one of their many arguments I popped my head through the little gap in the bush. As I was searching for anybody who looked like my seekers I suddenly felt a rustling sound beside me, then I screamed “Ahhhhhhh! what is that!” And then a little voice harshly whispered “Shoosh it’s just me.” As my brain calmed down and became aware that the strange figure crawling through the bush was just one of my classmates I resumed my observing and glaring out of the bush, I sighed and said to my classmate “why did you sneak up on me! You could of gotten us found!” And then my classmate shrugged (as usual) and said “sorry I didn’t think you’d be such a baby” and then, well let’s just say there was a lot of “You’re so annoying!” And “Go away!” And all kinds of the kind of things that your typical angry classmates say to each other when they’re really mad,  by the end of the quarrel we made peace (I said I’d give him one of my chocolate chip cookies at lunchtime and he happily agreed) and then we started taking turns peering above the bush and making sure we were clear. Then, just as we were about to die of boredom, the three short whistles that indicated that everybody needed to come out of their hiding spot and to come down to the concrete floor shrieked its special yet horribly loud tune, so me and my partner walked out of our hiding spot and marched proudly to the concrete floor, then we realised that we weren’t the last ones to be found! There was actually a girl who didn’t hear the whistle and didn’t come out of her hiding spot! As I roared with rage (inside my head of course) the seekers found the last person and everybody congratulated the last person, so from what I’ve learnt from this story, never be the first one to believe that a game of hide and seek has ended (because I’m pretty sure my game of hide and seek was rigged/unfair)

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